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Particle Separation Systems Technologies (Pty):

4 Tambotie Street
South Africa

The company specialize in filtration, screening and drying technologies.
Filtration technology includes the use of Medium Wave Infrared Radiation (MIR) on both Horizontal Belt Filters (HBF) and Steel Belt Filters (SBF).
Screening includes Rotaspiral drum screens, Linear screens and Interstage screens.
The Parsep Dryer technology has opened the doors to a host of new process developments such as Ladepa Latrine and Sludge processing
Refosands Foundry Sands Recycling and Ferro Zore Dry powdered Ferric Sulphate production.


The company is proudly South African and operational worldwide.

Company registration: 1999-01826-07

Vat registration: 4930180270


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New office plan
New PSS Offices under construction

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